HI - Kona Announcements

Urgent action needed to support We the People Resolution in the Hawaii Legislature

March 16, 2016

We are very pleased that the We the People resolution is moving quickly through the Hawaii State Legislature. Sponsored by Representative Nicole Lowen and co-sponsored by 44 (count em 44!!!) other representatives, HCR 29 urges Hawaiis Congressional delegation to propose and pass the proposed amendment to the United States Constitution clarifying that corporations are not people with constitutional rights, and that unlimited campaign spending is not free speech. The bill is awaiting approval by the House Finance and Judiciary Committees.

An identical companion measure, SCR 22 has been introduced and is being considered by the Senate Committee on Public Safety and Intergovernmental and Military Affairs this coming Thursday (3/10 at 1:20 PM). I know that this very short notice but it would be great if you could submit comments on SCR 22 before the Committee hearing. You can do so by logging in to Capitol.hawaii.gov (you will have to create a login and password if you have not already done so) and then entering SCR 22 in the Measure/Bill box on the left and clicking on the submit testimony button.

Corporations Sue Hawaiian Government and Attempt to Overturn Laws They Say Violate Their Constitutional Rights

November 15, 2014

Hawaii Island, Kauai, and communities across the country that pass laws to protect their communities are running into the same problem: they don't have the legal authority to say "no.” The rights asserted by the corporations represent a corporate structure of law that is in inherent conflict with democracy and our fundamental right of local, community self-government.