Green New Deal Needs the We the People Amendment

April 13, 2019

A “Green New Deal” that addresses the climate crisis by committing to major changes in our economic and social policies is absolutely essential.  

Move to Amend supports the current efforts by the fearless young activists at Sunrise Movement to force these urgent issues onto the public and political agenda.

Beginning next week, Sunrise Movement is sponsoring a “Road to a Green New Deal Tour” --  8 major tour stops and over 100 town hall gatherings across the country over the next several months. Each stop and gathering will provide an opportunity for the public to learn more about the Green New Deal and hear from the public on how it can be improved and how it will enhance the lives of people and save the climate and environment. 

Please consider attending a major tour stop or town hall gathering near you. Supporters of Move of Amend have a supportive educational message and organizing strategy to share in solidarity with the Sunrise Movement and other allies who will be present.

Passing an effective Green New Deal will face enormously powerful opponents -- led by fossil fuel corporations that will use a “sword” and “shield” to protect their interests regardless of the environmental or human impacts.

Their “sword” will be vast sums of money to lobby legislators and donate (more like “invest”) in political campaigns to defeat, defile or degrade the current resolution.

If corporate efforts are unsuccessful and the Resolution becomes law due to a massive popular movement pressuring legislators and the President, their go-to “shield” will be constitutional rights they will claim before the courts, including the Supreme Court, that are beyond public reach to protect their corporate property and profits.

It’s critical we encourage Green New Deal allies to pursue a simultaneous secondary road -- educating and organizing for passage of the We the People Amendment that will abolish the constitutional rights of corporations to influence politics and the other constitutional shields that prevent urgent programs like the Green New Deal from becoming reality.

A flyer with further background information on the Congressional Green New Deal and talking points on the reasons to pursue a secondary road of passing the We the People Amendment is here

If able to attend, do so with a genuine spirit of openness, respect and solidarity.

The Sunrise Movement has achieved incredible success in a short time. We commend them and thank them for their critical work! While we both have a long way to go, learning from and supporting one another when possible will move us further, faster down the road toward environmentally sustainability and real democracy.

Ending fossil fuel use is connected to ending corporate constitutional rights abuse. Let's help make sure our friends pushing the Green New Deal know this, and let's work together to end the hijacking of our Constitution so that we can protect the planet from climate collapse.


We're asking you to attend townhalls on the Green New Deal this month, and to bring information about why the We the People Amendment is essential to protect the GND from legal attacks by the fossil fuel industry. Let us know if you have any questions!