GOP County Party Adopts We the People Amendment Language in Platform

May 25, 2016

Move to Amend and our Campaign to Legalize Democracy was established to pass the We the People Amendment so that We the People can finally achieve a democracy that works for all.

We are firm in our belief that we all have far more in common than what separates us. Whether conservative, moderate or liberal, We the People believe in a level playing field, not one fraught with special considerations for special and corporate interests. Our ever-growing list of successful resolutions and ballot initiatives in red and blue districts, our multi-partisan list of endorsements, and our growing list of bi-partisan co-sponsors for the We the People Amendment supports this position. Momentum appears to be on our side.

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It should come as no surprise that at the Pottawattamie County (Iowa) Republican Party convention, a platform resolution was passed that mirrors the We the People Amendment!

Check out our Move to Amend Reports interview with Victor Campos and Patrick Tarr, the two men responsible for this effort. Thy explain the process that led to this victory (and offer tips on speaking to conservatives). It all began at one of our community barnstorming events, one of the most effective outreach efforts.

Our plan is that by expanding our barnstorming tours, the actions of the Pottawattamie Republican Party will be reproduced again, and again. Become a Move to Amend sustainer.

The results of the disastrous Citizens United decision, compounded with prior rulings that created corporate constitutional rights, have contributed to the populist uprising at the ballot box in this election cycle. Opportunities for education and action around our We the People Amendment have never been greater!

Because of the great work of our local affiliate groups, our barnstorming tours, and work on the part of people like Vincent and Patrick, your investment in Move to Amend really pays off. With our low overhead, barnstorming tours, wide assortment of organizing tools, educational materials, and commitment to an authentic, participatory representative government, Move to Amend is offering the only comprehensive solution to level the playing field for the We the People: the We the People Amendment.

With this kind of momentum on our side, we can do it -- with your financial help. Please become a Move to Amend sustainer today and help ensure our success.

Without the We the People Amendment, we will never have a democracy that works for the vast majority of Americans, regardless of political affiliation. And without a working democracy, we will be unable to solve the serious economic, environmental, and social issues we face.

An investment in Move to Amend now, will lead to the transformative change in what remains of our democracy. Let’s make it happen!

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