George Friday to Keynote Critical Times Conference

October 31, 2017

GEORGE FRIDAY will discuss BUILDING A JUSTICE MOVEMENT, ENDING OPPRESSION AND CREATING DEMOCRACY at the Critical Times Conference on Saturday, November 4 at the Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, 645 Central Avenue, Sarasota.  

US culture  – greed, oppression (rooted in racism & patriarchy), spiritual bankruptcy – can damage our ability to stay well in the best sense and sustain the ability to build radical power and stay “in it”.   George will discuss vital survival techniques to:

  •                 Recognize and address gaps in your support team or process
  •                 Establish and maintain needed boundaries
  •                 Discern Healthy and Useful from chaotic and unstable

Friday will also discuss the Movement To Amend the Constitution to abolish corporate personhood and money as speech, and to build a democracy movement across issues and oppressions that works together to replace our current corporate system with a system of justice for all.