Election 2016: far from over

October 12, 2016

A lot must be accomplished between now and Election Day

When it comes to issue organizing, a success at the ballot box is often the result of many months, even years, of grassroots organizing between elections, and it is no different for Move to Amend and our grassroots volunteer groups as we work to pass the We the People Amendment.

Our work includes connecting the dots between corporate rule and corporate constitutional rights for the public at large. It also includes Pledge to Amend, an effort to educate and build support for the We the People Amendment among elected officials and candidates for office.

Find the ‘We the People’ candidates in your state.

All over this country, Move to Amend affiliate groups and volunteers have been participating in the Pledge to Amend campaign. They are citizen lobbyists who have birddogged candidates and gone on to build relationships with elected officials, provided information and analysis, and secured pledges from incumbents and candidates alike to support the We the People Amendment.

It’s been effective, but we still have a long way to go -- over 270 candidates and incumbents have signed the Pledge to Amend, but there are many more that could be secured. These final weeks before the election are the prime time for extracting a pledge from candidates stumping for your vote.

We encourage you to use our campaign resources to get candidates at all levels of government to pledge to amend between now and Election Day.

Pledge to Amend also includes a voter outreach arm, the Voter Pledge, which connects voters to candidates supporting the We the People Amendment

Get your friends and family to sign up for Vote to Amend!

What we do between elections impacts our success in elections. Our work lies mainly in building a movement to pass the We the People Amendment, get it ratified, and establish authentic participatory democracy in the United States. As our Strategic Plan unfolds, it is critical to elect more and more candidates who support our effort, which is why Pledge to Amend is so important.

Timing is everything, and the timing for attracting candidates to Pledge to Amend couldn’t be better than it is now--right before the election.

--> Find the ‘We the People’ candidates in your state.

--> Find the tools and resources you need to carry this work forward to the next election.

--> Take the Vote to Amend pledge