Education and Action Workshops at 6th Annual Statewide Gathering

March 29, 2018

Trump Corporate Rule!

We the People Elect Democracy

Move to Amend Ohio Network 6th Annual Gathering
Saturday, April 7, 2018 | 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus
93 W Weisheimer Rd., Columbus, OH 43214

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Gerrymandering vs. Fair Districts – Catherine Turcer, director of Common Cause Ohio

We deserve to participate in meaningful elections but sometimes the mapmakers have more to say about who goes to Washington than we do.  Come learn more about gerrymandering and the fight for fair elections.

Sharpening Move to Amend Basic Skills – Jessica Munger, national program director of Move to Amend, with Mary Sue Gmeiner and Sandy Bolzenius, Move to Amend Ohio activists

A how-to for gathering signatures, speaking to organizations, hosting events, maintaining a social media   presence, fundraising, getting endorsements and resolutions, and getting ballot initiatives passed. This workshop will touch on all of those tasks, answer questions from affiliates, and provide practice in talking about Move to Amend.

Corporate Constitutional Rights -- Before & After Passage of the 28th Amendment -- Greg Coleridge, national outreach director of Move to Amend

Some claim that ending corporate constitutional rights would threaten press freedom, corporate property confiscation and the inability to file suit against corporate illegalities--not true! Learn the distinction between statutory rights and constitutional rights, and how passing MTA’s We the People Amendment would end corporate constitutional rights but not statutory rights.  

Election Fraud and Voter Suppression – Bob Fitrakis, election attorney, political scientist and author

Bob Fitrakis, noted authority on voter suppression and election irregularities in Ohio, will advise voters on how to ensure their vote isn't stolen by Russians or anyone else in this year's elections.

Status of Current Legislation and Lobbying Basics – Madelon Watts and Carla Rautenberg, Move to Amend Ohio activists

Meeting with your elected officials does not have to be an intimidating process. Get updates on the current standing of Ohio and federal resolutions, and learn how, as citizen lobbyists, you can help to move them forward.

Criminal Justice Reform Ballot Initiative – Keven O’Donnell, training and data coordinator of the Ohio Student Association, and Doug Jambard-Sweet, Move to Amend Ohio activist

Decades of "tough on crime" policies have filled Ohio courts and prisons to overflowing, straining budgets but not resulting in reduced crime. The Ohio Organizing Collaborative and their coalition partners have initiated a campaign to pass a constitutional amendment that would reform sentencing, divest from prisons, and stimulate investment in local communities.



√ Keynote Speaker: Mary Jo Kilroy [former U.S. Representative, County Commissioner for Franklin County and Columbus School Board member] on "Fighting for the Best Democracy - not the Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

√ Report from national Move to Amend Program Director Jessica Munger on national movement-building projects and campaigns

√ People’s Assembly to democratically decide projects for upcoming year

√ Closing address by nationally known fair elections activist, author, and political candidate Bob Fitrakis.


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See you April 7!

End Corporate Rule. Legalize Democracy. Move to Amend.