Double Your Support, Without Double the Effort

December 20, 2016

"Move to Amend’s diverse coalition and compelling vision represents one of the most exciting and important grassroots organizing efforts in the country."

It's that time of year when every charitable organization is hoping to capitalize on their tax-deductible status and the generosity of good-hearted people filled with holiday spirit. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we receive a good chunk of our budget in December. We rely on you -- in December we must raise nearly half our budget, catching up on the year we just had and replenishing our reserves so we can close the year in the black.

If you've been feeling lost over the events of the past year, investing in Move to Amend is like a light in the wilderness -- a sure fire way to lift your spirits! Few organizations have the committed grassroots organizers like we do, along with a well-developed strategic plan, analysis, tools, resources, know-how and experience to not only pass the We the People Amendment but also to build a multi-ethnic, multi-gendered, multi-colored, multi-aged democracy movement to fight for real democracy. 

A long-time supporter, a generous donor, has laid down a challenge to Move to Amend supporters. This donor will match all contributions to Move to Amend between now and December 31, up to $30,000. 

Click here to double the amount of your contribution.

In his words, "Move to Amend’s diverse coalition and compelling vision represents one of the most exciting and important grassroots organizing efforts in the country."

To double the impact as well as the amount of your contribution, we are specifically asking that you to contribute to the Move to Amend political fund with a non-deductible contribution. For many Move to Amend supporters, the benefits of contributing to our political fund outweigh the few dollars in tax savings.

Please make a non-deductible contribution now to double the dollar amount and double its impact.

When we started out, Move to Amend was primarily focussed on education, getting petition signatures, and organizing affiliate groups. We established ourselves as a charitable organization that could accept tax-deductible contributions.

If you need that tax-deductible contribution, please click here.

It soon became clear our work would lead us into political organizing for specific legislation and electoral activity around candidates who support the We the People Amendment. We then established an advocacy fund, as required by law, which is funded through non-deductible contributions.

While we do spend a lot of time educating our communities, fellow organizers, activists, and ourselves, we spend an equal amount of time on legislative and electoral organizing. Unfortunately, we maintain a very uneven distribution of contributions, and our political fund is suffering for it.

Our political fund pays for our website, database, and most of our staff hours. It pays for the incredibly successful Pledge to Amend campaign, and for travel expenses related to lobbying on Capital Hill. It helped sustain the successful ballot initiatives supporting the 28th amendment.  Without the funding to pay for this work, Move to Amend will be unable to stick to our strategic plan to pass the We the People Amendment on schedule.

Double the amount and double its impact with a non-deductible contribution--today!

We understand that some donors need the tax-deductible option; we provide it here. For our many supporters who will realize no or few tax benefits from that option, we ask you to contribute to our political fund to help us keep doing what we are very good at doing—passing resolutions, ballot initiatives and eventually the We the People Amendment

Click here to double your dollars and double down on passing the We the People Amendment!

A generous donor has pledged to match your donation between now and December 31. Double your impact by making a donation today!