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Your support is so critical in the fight to getting the We the People Amendment passed. Move to Amend is funded by grassroots donations from people like you. We are committed to maintaining our independence and our integrity and we need your support to make it possible! 

Move to Amend is a 501c4 corporation. Donations are NOT tax deductible. Donations made to Move to Amend go to lobby efforts focused on advancing the Move to Amend We the People Amendment. Click here to learn more

You may also donate via Paypal if you prefer. 

Donations made to the Move to Amend Education Fund ARE tax-deductible. The Move to Amend Education Fund finances our educational activities related to building democracy and ending corporate rule. This fund is fiscally sponsored by Democracy Unlimited, an IRS 501(c)(3) organization.  Click here to learn more and Donate.

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