A Different Kind of 9/11

September 11, 2017

9-11 is usually an excuse for politicians to make a lot of noise about terrorism without having to actually craft policy that reduces terrorism. It's tough to make political hay while a different kind of terror unfolds, one wrought by Mother Nature, and made worse by man-made global warming.

The Move to Amend national team expresses our growing anguish for our friends and allies caught in the pathways of the natural disasters now engulfing our nation and our deep concern for the many communities, in the U.S and abroad, divided and destroyed by more frequent and intense weather phenomenon. From the fiery West to the hurricane-hit Southeast and the Caribbean islands, we send our thoughts and prayers for courage and strength during these stressful and devestating times.

For months fires have been burning from California to Canada and other Western states, as temperatures continue to set record highs. A smoke plume riding the Jet Stream from coast-to-coast can be seen from outer space. For years, fires have become more frequent and more intense with more frequent and intense droughts; this year is no exception: more lives lost, more health issues, more destruction.

After devastating flooding in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh that killed over 1,200 people, along comes Harvey, which completely inundated the greater Houston metropolitan area and points beyond. While not as costly to life or limb, the estimates for clean-up and repair will be astronomical.  

Before Harvey's waters could fully recede, Irma blossomed into a super-storm and did to the Caribbean islands and most of Florida what Harvey did to Houston. When so many people are homeless and displaced, it is a small comfort to heave a sigh of relief that Florida's main industry is tourism and recreation instead of fossil fuel extraction, refinement, and toxic chemicals. 

Democracy is about community. It can't exist without it, and we collectively applaud the many individuals and organizations providing help and frontline assistance where it's needed most. Our growing community of democracy advocates and organizers are asking, "What can we do?"

Normally we would provide you with a link, except there are many groups doing excellent work from rescuing humans to rescuing pets, wildlife, and livestock. There are groups seeking to provide support to overworked and underpaid firemen, and the people whose lives have burned to the ground. Others who provide specific items like diapers, menstrual products, underwear, and bras. The list goes on and will likely expand over the coming weeks of assessment. We recommend you perform an online search to find the group doing the work that appeals to you most.

Not all of us have the ability or finances to contribute, but we all can send our prayers and healing thoughts to those in distress, please do it! If you are able to roll up your sleeves and get to work in the impacted areas, please do it! If you are able to donate money or supplies, please do it! 

In the weeks ahead we will connect the dots between these climate catastrophes to fascism and corporate rule, and why passing the We the People Amendment is part of the solution.

In the meantime, now is the moment to come to the aid of our fellow human beings.

P.S. We elected to send the message above instead of our planned message for today, but we want to still invite you to our September Take Action Webinar that is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12. The topic is Direct Action! 

Join us with special guest Bill Moyer from the Backbone Campaign who will explore ways to engage in direct action against corporate rule and artful actions to bring more people to our movement. Click here to RSVP!