Did You Miss It? We The People Lobby Training - Catch the Recording!

July 11, 2017

Our federal representatives will take next month to return home to the states to be available to meet with their constituents, like they do every year. That's why we've dubbed August "We the People Lobby Month." 

We need you to join the team of community lobbyists to sit your Representative and/or Senators down and educate them about why the We the People Amendment is the only systemic solution to our broken and corrupt political system. 

Did you miss yesterday's training to get started? No worries! Click below to watch the recording and easily get up to speed...



After watching the video, please check out our We the People Lobby Campaign page on the website for all the materials and resources, and fill out the sign up form to get started!

We'll answer any questions you have and connect you with other Move to Amend supporters in your District/State.

Let's make it happen!