"Democracy shutdown" is worse than government shutdown: Letter to the Editor

October 18, 2013
Greg Coleridge

As wasteful, painful and embarrassing as the government shutdown has been, it pales in comparison to the democracy shutdown - that is, the immobility and stagnation of government to represent the public interest. The disconnect between what the public wants and what laws and rules we have widened over the decades
 as corporations have acquired never-intended constitutional rights and money has been defined constitutionally as "speech" - thus, in both cases, beyond the reach of
 meaningful public regulation and definition.

Government shutdowns stop funding for many federal services and place many government workers on furlough. Our democracy shutdown has transformed our entire system of government into a corptocracy and plutocracy - government ruled by corporations and the 1 percent.

While the government shutdown has ended, the democracy shutdown will continue until we amend the U.S. Constitution to end never-intended constitutional rights for corporations and constitutional protections of money as free speech.

Greg Coleridge,
Cleveland Heights
Coleridge is coordinator of the Ohio Move to Amend network.

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