Corporations Patent Human Genes

May 28, 2013

Angelina Jolie made the headlines recently when she revealed she had an elective double mastectomy, because she carries the BRCA-1 gene, which dramatically increases the chance of a woman developing breast or ovarian cancer. 

The naturally occurring gene has been patented by Myriad Genetics and gives them the sole right to test for the gene. Jolie can afford the expensive test, and the resulting surgeries, but most women cannot.

This case is now before the Supreme Court.

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Speaking of genes and patents, Monsanto Corporation recently scored another win in the Courts.

A 75 year old Hoosier farmer met with hard times, resorted to culling Round-Up resistant seeds from the granary, and replanting them, which was a breech of his contract. Monsanto won in a unanimous decision, which had "legitimate" basis in law, while completely defying the laws of nature

Monsanto has its corporate jackboot on the neck of our food chain. It owns multiple patents on crop seed, is the biggest of ten corporations that have collectively cornered the global market on seeds, and fights tooth and nail against GMO food labeling.

Corporations deserve privileges, not rights! Forward this message and help get ten people to sign the Motion to Amend petition this week!

Will the Supreme Court prioritize corporate "health" over women's health in identifying breast and ovarian cancer risk? When it comes to plants, the courts so far have sided with gene-patenting corporations over the rights of nature and people, and it appears headed in the same direction with human DNA.

Only a vibrant movement of united people can overcome the threat of corporate personhood and ultimately protect the very essence of life. 

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