Corporations are not People and Money is not Speech: Vote Yes in Edgerton

March 29, 2014
Margie Jessup, Milton

Dear Editor,

Edgerton residents will have the opportunity on April 1st to vote YES to ask our leaders in Madison to have Wisconsin join the 16 states that want to get the influence of money out of our elections.

On the fourth anniversary of the Citizens United Decision, the Janesville Gazette published a letter that mentioned four towns in the area that had recently passed the Move to Amend resolution: Spring Valley, Avon, Porter and Plymouth.

The Town of Newark chairperson read this letter and called the town of Plymouth chairperson to find out how he could get a resolution for his town to sign saying he wanted to put the resolution on their next agenda. This was done and it passed unanimously!

After the meeting the Newark Chairperson, David Grenawalt said, “In a democracy, the government fears the people.  In a tyranny, people fear the government.”

Edgerton city council members were unanimous in their support for this amendment but it was decided to give Edgerton citizens the opportunity to show their support by placing it on the spring ballot.

Citizens United allows wealthy individuals and special interests to drown out our voices with their dollars. The Guardian reports “The rightwing group American Legislative Exchange Council is preparing to launch a new nationwide network that will seek to replicate its current influence within state legislatures in city councils and municipalities. ALEC brings elected officials together with representatives of major corporations, giving those companies a direct channel into legislation in the form of ALEC “model bills”.

Billionaires have bragged publicly about putting money into Wisconsin’s elections. We cannot allow our elected officials to be bought.

Currently movements in Wisconsin are attempting to eliminate in-person voting on weekday evenings, ban weekend voting, require identification to vote, raise the limit on campaign contributions, limit transparency as to who is putting up the money, limit the right of towns and local governments to regulate their environment, and on and on.  Reducing the number of voters gives a greater edge to the moneyed interests.

Remember to vote on April 1st and vote YES to Corporations are not People and Money is not Speech.

Margie Jessup


Wisconsin Move to Amend


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