Constituents Meet Congresswoman Brownley to Discuss McCutcheon and Money in Politics

April 17, 2014

On April 17th we, Kristofer Young, DC and Bill Haff, both of Ojai Move To Amend, met with Brad Hudson, Field Representative for Congresswoman Julia Brownley, US representative for the 26th District of California. We were joined by two additional constituents, Robyn Jones and John Smith of Ventura.

The meeting was prompted by an email alert from Public Citizen, and initially focused on HR20 Government By The People, a bill Public Citizen is promoting. Then we shifted the discussion to Move To Amend’s national efforts and local progress on that front. Bill Haff asked that Brownley cosponsor HJ29, the We The People Amendment spelling out that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Brad Hudson promised to relay the request but cautiously refrained from speculating whether Brownley would commit. Robyn Jones and John Smith were very interested in the Move To Amend material that we had brought, and said they were interested in possibly forming a Ventura chapter, so we later sent them links to the MTA website where they could get information about that.

To her credit, Brownley has issued a strongly worded statement on McCutcheon and Citizens United. We have asked for and look forward to further discussions with Brownley and her staff regarding this issue.

photo, from left to right: Kris Young, DC; Robyn Jones, John Smith, Bill Haff




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