Cognitive Dissidence Blog: Guest Post

January 24, 2014
Bradley Geyer

When the Sons of Liberty dumped the tea into Boston Harbor in 1773; it was not just in protest of taxation, but also a protest of the monopoly power and corruption between the government and a huge corporation: the East Indies Company.

People should be represented, not just the big money. The big money drowns out the voices of almost all Americans. Most of us now have taxation without representation, government where we are not represented. Local control will continue to disappear, and small business put more and more at a competitive disadvantage. In our constitutional republic, the elected official’s duty is to work for and represent the people: all the people, not just the highest bidders.

If money is free speech and political contributions cannot be limited, how can we regulate bribery, undue influence or conflicts of interest? We the People and the states have lost the power and the ability to regulate the corruption by the money in our government through a Supreme Court exceeding its authority. On January 21st, 2010; the US Supreme Court decided the Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission bringing together over 100 years of legal decisions and inventing new powers for artificial entities such as corporations and unions.

People came together to form government. Government, with our powers creates corporate charters, incorporated unions, and other artificial entities. The powers and privileges of artificial entities need to be spelled out legislatively they are not unalienable rights as listed in the Constitution.

Money is given in expectation of action by elected officials. If an elected official does not deliver, they will see the money change direction and support a challenger that will replace them. We each have a voice, and that voice should not be made more powerful with each additional dollar we spend. 99.9% of us contribute $200 or less to candidates, political action committees (PACs), and parties. No one should own our elected officials. They need to have all of us in mind, not just the interests of a few powerful and connected individuals.


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