Co-founder of Brecksville Citizens for Transparent Politics looks forward to Democracy Day

January 21, 2013
Robert Rozboril

BRECKSVILLE - The city has announced that it will hold its first Democracy Day Feb. 25.

The scheduling of what will be the first of a series of five such events, held once every two years over the course of the next 10 years, is part of the city’s compliance with the Nov. 6 vote to enact a law requiring it to do so.

Per the law, a public hearing will be held for discussion of corporate money in politics after which Mayor Jerry N. Hruby will send a letter to Congress declaring that the people of Brecksville believe that corporations are not people and money is not speech.

“It’s very exciting,” said Rose Petsche, who co-created the initiative petition that got the issue put on the ballot with her husband Jack. “I have to say I think we’re doing something that is really ground breaking to have something where the city comes together to talk about money in our political system.”

The Petsches have been adamant about there desire to create discussion amongst people about the influence of money in politics as well making sure people are aware that it is a non-partisan issue.

“I was very pleased with the mayor,” Petsche said. “I know he didn’t agree with it but he is helping us to make it the best it could be and I know he will try to make it something positive for the city.”

The Petsches and Hruby went back and forth on the selection of a date.

Hruby initially said it would be Feb. 25 but the Petsches did not think that date would work for them so it was switched to Feb. 28. At press time, Jan. 8, this was the selected date.

The next day, Jan. 9, the Petsches asked Hruby if the date could switch back to Feb. 25, which he was willing to do.


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