Call to Amend for We The People Lobby Day, May 6-13!

May 9, 2016

In May 1886, the Supreme Court granted corporations equal protection under the 14th Amendment in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad -- creating the corporate “person.” 

This was the first moment when property became people, at a time when women were still not recognized as full persons. It is also when We the People began our transformation to second class citizens, as corporations carried on their attacks against our Constitution in the courts.

In a lot of ways 1886 was Ground Zero for our movement.

130 years of this nonsense is enough. Take part in the We the People National Lobby Day by calling your Congress member TODAY! 

Click here to find information for contacting your legislator.

Move to Amend is leading the charge to fight back, from the ground up. Much of our work involves connecting the use of corporate constitutional rights to the myriad issues communities face every day. It also includes educating our elected representatives. 

On May 9th, Move to Amend organizers will be in Washington, D.C. lobbying for the We the People Amendment to the Constitution (HJR 48) to make clear that Constitutional Rights belong to human beings, not corporations, and that spending money in elections is not free speech.

You don’t need to be in earshot to make your voice heard. Let's flood the phones on Capitol Hill so our Representatives know that their constituents demand they support the We the People Amendment!

When you calling your House Representative, introduce yourself and tell them:

I am a constituent of Representative [NAME]. I'm calling to ask you to co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 48, the We the People Amendment, to address political and electoral corruption. Please sign on to HJR 48, the We the People Amendment. 

If you’re calling your Senator, introduce yourself and tell them: 

I am a constituent of Senator [NAME]. In April 2015, the We the People Amendment (House Joint Resolution 48) was introduced in the House of Representatives and I'm calling to ask you to sponsor this Resolution in the Senate as well to address political and electoral corruption.

Want to help make a stronger push by phone? Click here for a detailed guide to lobbying by phone.

Move to Amend is a grassroots movement, rooted in the states -- not some big, slick office in D.C. We need your support to power up this movement for real democracy. With as much as a 2-minute phone call, you can help dozens of citizen lobbyists who will make the case for the We the People Amendment directly to Congress on May 9th.

After 130 years of corporate personhood, it’s time to let our politicians in D.C. know they're not off the hook. Help us make it happen!

If you're unable to make a phone call this week, No problem! 

--> Send a message to your U.S. Senators urging them to introduce the We the People Amendment in the Senate - CLICK HERE

--> Send a message to your U.S. House Representatives urging them to co-sponsor the "We the People Amendment" - CLICK HERE



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