California and Washington Ready to Make History

September 21, 2016

Over the past six years, local Move to Amend volunteers have passed hundreds of resolutions supporting the We the People Amendment. Our volunteer organizers have also worked to pass a number of ballot initiatives, and in every instance have resulted in resounding victories in both red and blue districts.

This kind of organizing has been the bedrock of Move to Amend’s strategy to pass the We the People Amendment, and it escalates every year as our capacity grows. This crazy election year is no different; with two states getting the opportunity to vote for the 28th Amendment this November:

  • California’s Proposition 59: Overturn Citizens United Act 
  • Washington’s Initiative 735: Government of, by, and for the People Act.

Just 8 weeks before Election Day, and after our intense effort to pass resolutions and ballot initiatives, Move to Amend is experiencing a $20,000 budget shortfall. Please help us make it up by chipping in contribution today

Both measures call for an end to money as protected political speech and corporate constitutional rights, and direct the states’ legislatures and congressional delegations to support amending the US Constitution accordingly.

Move to Amend Affiliates in both states have been working in broad coalitions for years to bring these questions to the voters of their states with the aid and assistance of our national staff. 

Click here if you want to invest in finding and training capable organizers to carry this work forward. No investment is too small (or large)!

We hope our perfect record holds this November, and we also hope to keep the lights on so we can build more capacity for more voter initiatives in future elections. Right now we're coming up short on funds to make it through 2016 -- please make a donation today!

Your financial contribution is not only an investment in Move to Amend; it’s also an investment in building a working democracy in the United States.

Helping new affiliate groups grow and current affiliates expand to carry this work forward in their communities and states is a key component of our Strategic Plan. Candidate campaigns come and go every two years, while the work of moving a citizen’s ballot initiative is often years in the making.

Our work is incredibly urgent, but there’s simply no quick fix. There is however a coordinated plan and effort playing itself out now, most notably in California and Washington, and also all over the country wherever a Move to Amend local group exists.

Help us keep the momentum up -- make a donation to support the Movement to Amend!

Kudos to Move to Amend California and Washington volunteers who have put forth a fabulous effort with their coalition partners, and are currently beating the pavement for “Yes” votes.

Our national team and committees, staff and interns work very hard to provide and improve the tools, resources, know-how and expertise required by our volunteer organizers in the field. Their astounding successes prove the value of our collective efforts. Let's make sure not to let them down -- please make a donation today!

Overall, we’re still approaching full steam ahead, but we’re definitely building power and remain on course for passing the We the People Amendment -- as long as our funding holds out.

Help us sail through our budget gap so we can keep up our work to pass the We the People Amendment -- please contribute $28 (or more!) for the 28th Amendment today.