Brecksville resident to host kickoff event supporting Move to Amend Movement

July 6, 2012
Robert Rozboril, Sun News, Cleveland

BRECKSVILLE - In support of the Move to Amend Movement, Brecksville resident Rose Petsche is organizing a kickoff event at her home on Morningside Drive at 9 a.m. July 7.

The event will give Petsche and her organization Brecksville Citizens for Transparent Politics an opportunity to disperse copies of a city-approved petition reflecting the group's views and calling for action against corporations that they claim influence political campaigns with large monetary donations.

"I want to be clear that we are a nonpartisan organization," Petsche said.

The ultimate mission of the Move to Amend Movement is to convince the U.S. Congress that their needs to be a Constitutional Amendment that states that corporations are not people and should have regulations on how much they are able to contribute to political campaigns.

This, in the eyes of those involved in the movement, would help eliminate corporations' influence over political campaigns and effectively overturn a Supreme Court ruling passed in 2010.

The Supreme Court ruling recognized corporations as having the same rights as any individual and say that their ability to contribute to political campaigns is part of their right to free speech.

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