Happy Birthday to The Oldest ‘Person’ in The World!

Friday, May 1, 2015 to Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oldest 'Person' in the World Turns 129!

Did you know that May 10, 2015 marks the 129th birthday of corporate persons?

That’s right—more than a century before Citizens United v. FEC, the Supreme Court first recognized corporations as people with Constitutional rights in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad on May 10, 1886. Move to Amend is marking the occasion with some light-hearted fun to drive home the point that corporations are not people.

On this 129th “birthday” for corporate persons, we’ll highlight the insanity of corporate constitutional rights by throwing corporate “birthday” parties all over the nation!

From these events, we will gather video clips to assemble in a Move to Amend video. We plan to use the video and clips throughout the summer to build awareness around our We the People Amendment and underscore the absurdity of corporate persons.

We also hope you will issue invitations to your party to other organizations in your area impacted by corporate rule, so this becomes a movement building opportunity as well. It is our intent to have fun while we raise public awareness, and make it easy for you to participate. We are providing you with an organizing kit, which includes:

It is also our intent to use civil disobedience as a tool to grow Move to Amend and the democracy movement, so the suggested actions have varying degrees of risk for arrest. Move to Amend is not liable for consequences of these actions. If you choose to engage in civil disobedience you assume the physical and legal risks. Occupy the Courts was a highly successful campaign for Move to Amend and we have high hopes for Oldest Person in the World Turns 129!. We invite you to join us in this theater of the absurd!