Be Fearless: Fight Corporate Rule

June 14, 2013

History teaches us that expanding Constitutional rights to people has only occurred because there has been a vibrant social movement demanding those rights. The abolitionists, women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement are clear examples of movements forcing change.

Move to Amend recognizes that we must build a democracy movement in order to pass the We the People Amendment. After three years of organizing, we are becoming more empowered and are actively connecting to other groups and organizations fighting corporate power in myriad issue arenas.

How transnational corporations treat our environment is perhaps the most blatant abuse of corporate power existing today. The failure of Congress to pass a national sustainable energy policy and promote and build a green economy, in light of the warnings of the world’s top scientists that catastrophic climate change will occur, is a clear indicator of the energy industry’s power in our democratic Republic.

Saving the planet and its resources for future generations is among the most critical actions we can take.

Many Americans have been focused on the pending Keystone XL pipeline, which will transport Canadian tar sands to the Gulf of Mexico for export to other countries, which does nothing for America’s energy profile at great environmental expense. Few Americans are aware that a tar sands mining operation is about to start up right here in the PR Spring, north of Moab, Utah.

Move to Amend is thankful there is a growing green movement, populated mostly by bright and energetic young people who understand the connection between corporate rule and the planet’s health, and are willing to make a stand to protect the Earth.

They include Fearless Summer, and we support their call to action against a fossil fuel energy system bent on environmental destruction. We invite you to join them in a week of coordinated actions, June 24-29.

Fearless Summer is joining with Peaceful Uprising, Canyon Country Rising Tide, and Before It Starts to sponsor an action camp in southeastern Utah. You are invited to join them at their Direct Action Training Camp to stop tar sands and oil shale mining, July 24-29 in the canyon country of Utah.

We all need to get a little fearless this summer and remember the basic premise of all democratic movement building: that we are humans with rights and we deserve a just world.

So let's get fearless about ending corporate rule and fearless about joining hands with groups fighting the daily realities of corporate power.