In the tradition of the mighty Populist Movement, Move to Amend's experienced and acclaimed speakers travel the country, spreading the word about the campaign to amend the Constitution and inspiring action!

Our speakers give rousing talks, telling the story of the American creation myth and the Constitution as it pertains to Corporate Personhood and illegitimate but legal corporate constitutional rights, followed by about an hour of facilitated discussion / Q and A. 

The goal of Move to Amend's Barnstorming Tours is to educate, inspire action, and identify local organizers to start Move to Amend Affiliate groups. These events are free and open to the public!

Nominate your community for a Barnstorming stop: email us at [email protected]

How you can participate

Our Barnstorming Tours are only successful because of partnership with folks on the ground. If you're interested in having a Move to Amend speaker visit your town, please consider becoming a Barnstorming Event Organizer.

Remote Presentations Offered via Zoom (New Opportunity!): In an attempt to connect with more people in communities across the nation without the debilitating travel costs, Move to Amend's Barnstorm Team is excited to announce our plan to offer remote presentations via the video conferencing platform Zoom. These presentations can happen anywhere, from libraries, local rec centers, churches, union halls or even from your home! Simple technology required: a projector, computer, and speakers (available at many public meeting spaces). For more information contact us at [email protected] and let’s start planning a remote Move to Amend presentation today!


  • Securing the venue (venue can be any place that can accommodate an audience. Podium or microphone are not needed, but a whiteboard and pens or a flip-chart and pens are)
  • Hosting our speaker or securing host housing
  • Event publicity
  • Arranging for the setup at the event
  • Securing co-sponsorship from other community organizations (helpful but not required)
  • Hosting or securing meeting location for follow up meeting of interested attendees approximately two weeks after event

Note: There is no honorarium charge for an evening talk and discussion. Speakers will spend some time, however, encouraging participants to become financial sustainers and donors to pay for travel, other tour-related expenses and support of our ongoing movement building work. Organizers are asked to minimally assist in this effort. Donations from sponsoring organizations are also encouraged and gratefully accepted. 

We have tools and resources to help you put together a great event in our Take Action Toolkit.

Move to Amend staff provides:

  • Advice and help planning the event(s)
  • Promotion materials for download
  • Local and regional press outreach prior to the event
  • Email announcements to Move to Amend supporters in your area via email blasts and website postings

Our Take Action Toolkit has materials to help you pull off a successful event, including:

  • Event checklist
  • Sample press release
  • Sample poster
  • How to follow up on a press release
  • How to work with local radio
  • How to write a letter to the editor
  • How to write an op-ed (opinion editorial)

On recent tours the organizers have told us that turnout was excellent for a public talk and they have been pleased to see people from a wider political spectrum than they usually see. Our campaign is attracting broad interest and support - please help us bring Move to Amend to your community!

If you are interested in organizing a Move to Amend event in your community or if you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]