Ballot Initiative Makes Signature Validation Hurdle with 185 signatures to spare!

July 24, 2015

Move to Amend Brought Before City Council

On Tuesday, July 28th, the Toledo City Council will be reviewing a proposed city ordinance that

supports amending the US Constitution to end corporate personhood and restore regulations on

campaign financing at the national and state levels. The ordinance was originally brought before

the city in the form of a citizens’ initiative petition, which achieved the 5,986 valid signatures

required to be brought before the City Council, thanks to the volunteer group, Move to Amend.

The Council will decide whether to enact the ordinance into law or to push the decision to the

public ballot, where it will be voted upon in the upcoming November elections. The group

behind the ordinance will be requesting that the Council push the bill to a public vote, as they

believe that this decision is best left to the voters and that the main goal of the initiative was to

increase citizen awareness and involvement in ending corrupt politics. Ultimately, the decision

remains with the City Council.

The ordinance is a part of a larger, national campaign to end the involvement of exuberant

money in national and state elections, one of the major sources of corruption in the United States.

As it is, corporations and wealthy individuals can donate unlimited and undisclosed amounts of

money to political parties and candidates, allowing them to influence politics much more than

the average individual. Move to Amend plans to address this through a national grassroots

campaign and gaining the support of individual US cities, Toledo’s involvement being the

subject of Tuesday’s proposed ordinance. So far, over 200 cities have announced their support

behind Move to Amend. Toledo would be the largest city to take up support.