Ballot Initiative Kickoff & Screening of "Legalize Democracy"

April 3, 2014

Toledo Move to Amend hopes to place a ballot initiative before Toledo voters this November in support of a constitutional amendment establishing that: 

1) corporations do not have the constitutional rights of natural persons and

2) money is not speech for political purposes. 

In addition, the initiative would create an annual public forum designed specifically for citizens to discuss the affects of money in politics and other issues related to corporate personhood.

A copy of the initiative petition is attached.

We are kicking off our ballot initiative campaign with a free screening of

"Legalize Democracy" 

Sanger Branch Library

3030 W. Central Avenue, Toledo

Thursday, April 3, 2014

6:30 PM

“Legalize Democracy” is a 30 minute documentary about Move to Amend. Fast-paced and action-oriented, this DVD is a great tool for folks looking to get involved in Move to Amend or help spread the word. Produced by Move to Amend, Directed by Dennis Trainor, Jr., financed by grassroots donations.

In addition to the 30 minute film, the DVD includes 3-5 minute clips from each of the members of Move to Amend's National Leadership Team, and clips of each of the historical timelines featured in the film that tell the story of the Supreme Court cases that shaped the doctrine of "corporate personhood", the rights guaranteed by amendments fought for by people's movements, and the intersection of law and culture that codified and created discrimination based on race.

We will have copies of the video to purchase for a modest cost to help fund our campaign effort.

After the screening, we will be discussing our petitioning strategy and signing folks up for upcoming petition gathering events.

   Light refreshments will be also be served for this event.

Now is the time for supporters to make a difference in local politics!  Hope to see you at Sanger Branch (3030 W. Central Avenue, Toledo) at 6:30  on Thursday, April 3, 2014!