Portland OR City Council Unanimously Supports Call for Amendment

January 12, 2012

On January 12, 2012 the Portland City Council voted unanimously for the historic resolution purposed by Mayor Sam Adams declaring the city's support for amending the US Constitution making clear that money is not speech and that corporations are not people.

The vote was 3-0 with Commissioners Nick Fish and Dan Saltzman absent. Commission Fish had indicated that he would have voted in favor had he been there.

“The US Supreme Court continued its tradition of giving our basic constitutional human rights to corporations in their Citizens United decision. This city council vote has now affirmed their belief that flesh and blood people should have human rights and that corporations are not human. That is as it should be.” stated David Delk, founder of Move to Amend Portland.

An Amendment to End Corporate Rule

November 23, 2011

We've spent the last two years listening and organizing at the grassroots level. Our amendment reflects what we have heard from Americans across the nation - our country is ready for a change that is bold and sweeping.

But is Congress ready?

It is our belief that we need to operate on the assumption that once an Amendment comes out of Congress we won't get another shot. So we MUST get it right!

In the months ahead it will be important that we not let our goals be diluted by our legislators in Washington or the organizations who have their ear, even those that mean well and want to see reform in our political system.

What Liberty Square Means

October 7, 2011

A year ago, New Yorkers watched in horror as voters in the progressive heartland of Wisconsin replaced progressive standard-bearer Russ Feingold with a Tea Party mega-millionaire, and the state’s capitol came under the control of self-described Tea Party Republicans. Months later, the impact of that electoral change became clear.