NAFTA at 30 / "Corporate Personhood" at over 100

Thirty years ago today, President Bill Clinton signed legislation supporting U.S. entry into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Removing restrictions on trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, NAFTA was aggressively opposed by organized labor, environmental organizations, and many “good government” groups for two major reasons.

First, NAFTA’s provisions prioritized “trade” of goods and services produced by multinational corporations over protecting workers, consumers and the environment.

Second, disputes brought by corporate investors directly against foreign nations over claimed “barriers to trade” were decided by unelected and unaccountable Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) "tribunals" largely composed of corporate-friendly members -- beyond the reach of citizens or even national legislatures or courts.

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Celebrating the wins, reflecting on the challenges, and how to be part of the change.

Celebrating the wins, reflecting on the challenges, and how to be part of the change.

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Affiliate Spotlight - December 2023

We've said many times, 'We would be nothing without our affiliates, advocates, and supporters.' They do a lot of the heavy lifting, which is why we've been recognizing all they do for the movement each month.

Each month we will use this space to spotlight different Affiliates. Read about this month's Affiliate's remarkable efforts and accomplishments.  

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Corporations inflate Thanksgiving

The “inflation” of Thanksgiving summarized below is not about the increased mass marketing hoopla that corporations create every holiday to make us think the more stuff we buy, the greater will be the enjoyment, if not “meaning,” of the day or season. Thanksgiving is actually a lousy holiday to commercialize. Afterall, there’s only so much profit to be gained from peddling Turkeys/Tofurkys, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Nor are we focusing on the "inflation" of the giant Thanksgiving Day Parade floats that will wind their way through the streets of New York City.


The more significant Thanksgiving “inflation” is the inflated prices of consumer products, including food, which have skyrocketed. We can thank major food corporations for this.

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Potential Government Shutdown

As we navigate the shifting tides of congressional leadership and the looming threat of a government shutdown, it is crucial now more than ever to reinforce our commitment to a government of, by, and for the people.

In these uncertain times, we have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on our democracy by supporting H.J.R. 54, the We the People Amendment.

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We the People Wednesdays - Nov 8, 2023

On many levels, we're facing a critical juncture that strikes at the heart of our society's values and the future of our planet.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, we must highlight the beacon of progress and determination. The movement of "We the People" continues to gather momentum and make strides in the corridors of power. As of November 3rd, 2023, Representative Dina Titus from Nevada's 1st Congressional District joined as the 72nd cosponsor of the crucial H.J.R. 54, The We the People Amendment.

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Democracy is about Elections AND People’s Movements

Tomorrow is election day. Please vote if you already haven’t by mail or in person. 

But voting isn’t enough. We also need a People’s Movement like Move to Amend to abolish corporate rule, an essential step toward achieving legitimate democracy.

Electing better representatives at every level of government who represent the interests of voters rather than large donors is critical. That can be a challenge, especially when candidates swimming in campaign cash from the super rich and business corporations flood our airwaves, mailboxes and inboxes. 

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Josh Hawley's Bill Masks the Real Sources of Corporate Rule

Is this a sincere response to the corporate influence of our elections or simply a Halloween stunt in which the far-right Republican dressed up as a campaign finance reformer to hide his true identity as a shill for corporate power? 

Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced the Ending Corporate Influence on Elections Act on October 31 to reduce the impact of the Supreme Court 2010 Citizens United v. FEC. Its goal is to get corporate money out of our politics”

What are we to make of this surprising announcement?

Is it a sincere response to the corporate influence of our elections or simply a Halloween stunt in which Josh dressed up as a campaign finance reformer calling for real change to increase democracy by reducing corporate power?

Behind the masks are the real sources of corporate rule: all never-intended corporate constitutional rights and money defined as free speech.

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Move to Amend

Interview of Greg Coleridge, Co-Director

Staying in Contact with London Mitchell

November 2, 2023

Movember 2023 Newletter

November Newsletter

1. Regaining traction in D.C.!

2. Affiliate Spotlight!

3. Community Calendar and Announcements

4. Support the movement!

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