American Ethical Union

The American Ethical Union creates, nurtures, and inspires ethical humanist communities to foster a world that is democratic, compassionate, just, and sustainable.

Our organization is the federation of Ethical Humanist/Ethical Culture Societies in the United States and is a humanist Movement focusing on human goodness and building ethical relationships with each other and the Earth. As a non-theistic organization, we do not concern ourselves with the existence or non-existence of a deity but instead embrace the diversity of our membership.

>We recognize the unique worth and dignity of all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, or religious beliefs.
>We advocate for reason, compassion, and rational thinking so we can progress as individuals, communities, and a world.
>We act to elicit the best in others and thereby in ourselves, celebrating with and supporting each other through life.
>We realize the full capacity of our human spirit when we stimulate our thinking with new insights and inspirations.

We are recognized as a religious movement because for us, the ethical quest has the depth of a religious commitment, and because we recognize the value of a community of support, celebration, and action.
We train future humanist leaders to promote responsible and ethical living.

New York , NY
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