Amendment Support Building: Watertown, Wisconsin

October 10, 2014
Watertown Daily Times, Watertown Wisconsin

The nonpartisan Move To Amend Rock River Affiliate group is petitioning in Watertown from now through Nov. 24 to get a question on the ballot for the April 7, 2015, election. The group is collecting signatures at Veterans Memorial Park, Riverside Park, around town and door-to-door. They will also be outside the polls during the Nov. 4 election asking for signatures.

The group calls for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would reverse the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United decision. [ addition to stopping corporate personhood and making sure that money is not regarded as the same as speech.]  

It [the amendment] would state inalienable rights belong to human beings only and money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment, according to its website:

The group has received OKs from the Government Accountability Board, Watertown City Clerk Cindy Rupprecht, and Watertown Police Chief Timothy Roets for these activities, according to MTA-RRA.

MTA also states it is not against small business or corporations, and that the Wisconsin Business Alliance, representing small Wisconsin corporations as well as businesses, has spoken for the MTA group.

"I feel very strongly that this is the most important issue in this country at this time," Dan Fary of MTA-RRA said, "Virtually every other issue is dependent on this one."

According to MTA-RRA, there has usually been about 70 to 80 percent approval of the amendment where similar referenda have been held.

MTA-RRA said it hopes that Watertown will join the 43 communities in Wisconsin [see communities here] that have already passed this resolution, and that Wisconsin will join the 16 states that have. [see list of states here]

More information is available at Wisconsin Move to Amend.

Anyone seeking to volunteer, carry a petition or sign a petition can call Brad Geyer at 920-674-4640 or //fort-atkinson [at]">fort-atkinson [at]


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