INVEST a few dollars toward legalizing democracy and a Constitution that only belongs to We The People, not the corporations!

Will you join me in recruiting our Congress member to co-sponsor the #WeThePeople Amendment?


Why I support Move to Amend

Hi friends! 

What's the number one issue you care about? It can be anything -- ie voter rights, BLM, climate change, abolishing ICE, etc. If you look close enough, you will see corporate personhood fingerprints and traces of dark money all over it.  The great corporatization of's not a Conspiracy, its our sad reality. Our Representatives no longer represents We the People, they only represent their Corporate Donors' best interest. 

And while there are many great orgs and movements out there addressing corruption and the many other subsequent issues we are facing, only Move to Amend is addressing the two root issues: Money in Politics AND the absurdity of Corporate Personhood Rights. 

This will require a LOT of public education, political engagement, and persistence -- especially when there's a lot of private interests that will try to stop us using their deep pockets -- but it CAN be done if we all play our part: volunteer, spread the word, and INVEST a few dollars toward legalizing democracy and a Constitution that only belongs to We The People, not the corporations!

Will you help me raise money to get the undue influence of big money and corporate interests out of our government by setting up a monthly donation to Move to Amend on this page? 

How I've supported Move to Amend

  • We the People Wednesdays - June 12, 2024

    Happy We The People Wednesday!

    This We The People Wednesday, the Move to Amend National Team is excited to introduce Cole Bennett - our newest Co-Director / Political Justice Director!

    After finishing a year-long National Fellowship with Move to Amend and earning a Juris Doctorate from the Georgia State University College of Law, Cole is eager to shift his efforts to using his political and legal expertise full-time to eliminate corporate constitutional rights, pass the We The People Amendment, and build the foundation of a lasting democracy movement within the burgeoning political hub of Atlanta and across the entire southeast region. 


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  • published Newsletter June 2024 in Announcements 2024-06-06 16:51:34 -0700

    Newsletter June 2024

    As we welcome the vibrant energy of spring, we're excited to share the latest updates and opportunities with you. From significant progress in Congress to upcoming events and ways to get involved, there's a lot to look forward to. Let's dive into what's happening at Move to Amend and how you can make a difference!


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  • published Affiliate Spotlight - June 2024 in Announcements 2024-06-06 16:49:06 -0700

    Affiliate Spotlight - June 2024

    June 2024 Affiliate Spotlight 

    This month, we shine a light on the dedicated efforts of our Greater Dayton and Miami County volunteers, who have been making significant strides in advocating for the We the People Amendment. From impactful city council statements to rallies and educational initiatives, their grassroots activism is truly inspiring. We also honor the memory of Gordon Miller, a tireless advocate whose legacy continues to motivate us. Read more about their incredible work and Gordon's lasting impact. 

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  • Spring Fundraising Drive last day

    Today is the final day to contribute to the Move to Amend's Spring Fundraising Drive and support our impactful summer actions. Your generous donation will empower us to participate in critical events and advocate for justice and democracy across the nation.

    We are facing a crucial moment in our fight to seize democracy from corporate interests, and we urgently need your support. Move to Amend is gearing up for a series of pivotal events, including lobbying efforts in Washington D.C., to advocate for HJR54, the We the People Amendment

    Your support is absolutely essential to our success. Please consider making a donation today to ensure that Move to Amend can make the most of these opportunities and continue to be a leading voice for democracy and justice.

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  • published Join livestream today in Announcements 2024-05-30 10:46:47 -0700

    Join livestream today

    This is a friendly reminder that today, Thursday, May 30, Move to Amend and A Radical Guide are hosting an exciting virtual program that you won't want to miss!

    Pivotal Panel Discussion on "Manifesto for World Revolution"

    [You don't need to read the book to attend the program!]

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  • published Michael on Capitol Hill in Announcements 2024-05-29 19:39:54 -0700

    Michael on Capitol Hill

    Today, we're reaching out with an urgent appeal.

    We need your help to amplify our message and keep our Congressional momentum up. Here's why your action is crucial:

    We're rallying behind HJR 54, the We the People Amendment (now up to 84 co-sponsors), and Move to Amend National Team member Michael Tucker recently took on Capitol Hill to advocate for its passage. 

    Loaded with information packets, he met with key legislative staff and left materials for many others. His goal was clear: garner more support for HJR 54.

    Michael's efforts have already borne fruit. Some representatives showed strong interest, while others promised to review our materials. However, to build the political will needed to gain more co-sponsors, your continued pressure is vital. They need to hear from YOU.

    We need your voice, your passion, your unwavering commitment to our shared vision.

    Take Action Now! 📞


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  • published May Day Recap in Announcements 2024-05-28 19:12:44 -0700

    May Day Recap

    This past weekend in Chicago was nothing short of transformative, and it’s all because of your unwavering support.

    We had an incredible series of events in Chicago with the Alliance for Just Money, and we’re on the brink of even greater change. But we can’t do it without you.

    The events began on Firday with delivery of a letter to the Chicago Federal Reserve calling for the financial industry end creating money out of thin air as debt. Corporate constitutional rights have armed banking corporations with the political power to privatize/corporatize money creation and distribution, which should be a public function that promotes economic justice. The financial industry is one of the largest in terms of money invested in political campaign contributions and lobbying to maintain the status quo.


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  • published May 2024 Affiliate Spotlight in Announcements 2024-05-06 21:24:36 -0700

    May 2024 Affiliate Spotlight

    Minnesota Move to Amend State Network

    This month, we shine a light on the incredible work being done by the Minnesota Move to Amend State Network. They have been making significant strides in promoting the We the People Amendment and engaging with various organizations and communities. Here's a summary of their recent achievements:

    1. Regular Meetings & Legislation Action: Minnesota Move to Amend holds regular bi-weekly legislation action meetings, as well as weekly “office hours” to focus on specific activities, like publicizing efforts to pass the "We the People" bills in the Minnesota legislature.

    2. Partnership & Representation: The team actively participates and represents Move to Amend in the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, NAACP Minneapolis, and MN350. They are also a partner organization in We Choose Us, with Andrew and Barbara attending monthly planning meetings and other activities.

    3. Community Outreach & Events: They organized a successful Zoom event with Lawrence Abbott on “Unions and the We the People Amendment,” and conducted a joint presentation at the Universal Unitarian church in Duluth with We Choose Us. In addition, they've held a month-long outreach effort to engage legislators and constituents to promote Minnesota amendment bills.

    3. Senior Caucus Day at the Capitol: At this event, Andrew and Darold made presentations, engaging with key legislators and solidifying support from the senior caucus.

    Minnesota Move to Amend's efforts are a testament to the impact that dedicated activism can have in promoting the We the People Amendment. Their work brings us one step closer to achieving real democracy.

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  • published May 2024 Newsletter in Announcements 2024-05-06 11:13:56 -0700

    May 2024 Newsletter

    We hope this message finds you well. As we step into spring, we're thrilled to bring you the latest news and updates from Move to Amend. Let's dive in!

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  • Unsilencing the Truth: The Battle Against Corporate Power in Maine 

    April 2024

    Alfonso Saldaña and Samson Cournane

    Unsilencing the Truth: The Battle Against Corporate Power in Maine 

    In the quaint corners of Maine, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes, lies a tale of David and Goliath proportions—a story of courage, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of justice against the backdrop of corporate hegemony. It's a narrative that transcends the boundaries of a local struggle, resonating with the very essence of democracy itself.

    Meet Samson Cournane, a name echoing through the corridors of advocacy, a beacon of hope in the shadows of corporate dominance. His journey, fueled by personal tragedy and an unyielding spirit, epitomizes the intersection of individual rights and corporate might.

    It begins innocuously, a mere request for a platform to exercise free speech, an act as quintessentially American as apple pie. But behind this seemingly mundane endeavor lies a tale of profound significance—a tale of a mother’s voice silenced, of patients left vulnerable in the face of unchecked corporate power.

    Samson's mother, a distinguished pediatric intensive care doctor, allegedly faced corporate retribution after raising patient safety concerns at Northern Light Health’s Eastern Maine Medical Center. Her dismissal, said to be related to these concerns, became the catalyst for Samson's crusade—a crusade that would come to embody the very essence of democracy under siege.

    As Samson delved deeper into the labyrinthine corridors of hospital bureaucracy, he uncovered a chilling reality: a culture of silence perpetuated by corporate interests, where profits reign supreme over patient well-being. Armed with nothing but conviction and a fervent belief in the power of truth, he embarked on a journey that pitted him against forces far greater than himself.

    The road ahead is fraught with obstacles—a university administration that discouraged free speech by imposing high fees on student activists, and a healthcare conglomerate that used legal threats veiled in the guise of defamation to silence critics. Yet, through it all, Samson's determination remained unwavering, proving the strength of his spirit.

    But Samson's struggle is not a solitary one; it is a clarion call for collective action, a rallying cry for all who believe in the sanctity of democracy. It's a call to arms against the insidious influence of corporate power, a reminder that the voices of the people can never be silenced, no matter how deafening the corporate noise.

    Enter HJR 54, the We the People Amendment—a legislative lifeline in the tempest of corporate impunity. This amendment, with its promise to dismantle the legal scaffolding that bolsters corporate hegemony, stands as a beacon of hope in an increasingly polarized landscape. It's a rallying point for all who refuse to bow to corporate overlords, a clarion call for the restoration of democracy to its rightful owners—the people.

    As Samson's petition gathers momentum, surpassing the 20,000 mark, it becomes more than just a symbol of resistance; it becomes a testament to the power of collective action. But the battle is far from over. The threat of SLAPP lawsuits looms large, a stark reminder of the uphill struggle against corporate intimidation.

    In the crucible of adversity, Samson emerges as a paragon of courage—a modern-day David against the Goliath of corporate tyranny. His story serves as a rallying cry for all who refuse to be silenced, for all who dare to dream of a future where justice reigns supreme.

    So, let us heed the call of Samson Cournane, let us amplify his voice, and let us stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against corporate power. For in the battle for democracy, every voice matters, every action counts, and together, we shall forge a future where truth prevails and justice reigns supreme.

  • published Call Your Rep in Announcements 2024-04-10 14:36:25 -0700

    Call Your Rep

    Is your Representative a We the People Champion? Find out and call them urging them to support the We the People Amendment! 

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  • Furthering democracy through love and power

    Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.

                                     -Martin Luther King Jr. (the anniversary of his 1968 assassination was April 4th)

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  • published April 2024 Newsletter in Announcements 2024-04-06 10:34:44 -0700

    April 2024 Newsletter

    Welcome to our April newsletter!

    We're excited to share updates and stories from our movement as we continue to strive for a more just and equitable society.

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  • published Newsletter - March 2024 in Announcements 2024-03-05 18:08:04 -0800

  • Affiliate Spotlight - March 2024

    In the vast landscape of grassroots activism, Move to Amend proudly shines a spotlight on our dedicated affiliates, the unsung heroes orchestrating change at the local level. As we unravel the tapestry of their remarkable work, join us in celebrating these champions, each contributing in their unique way to the symphony of transformative change.

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  • published HJR 54 Congressional Briefing in Announcements 2024-02-21 14:02:25 -0800

    HJR 54 Congressional Briefing

    We have great news!

    There's an upcoming Congressional Briefing and a new Co-sponsor!


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  • published Corporate Hypocrisy in Announcements 2024-02-11 15:04:16 -0800

    Corporate Hypocrisy

    As millions of Americans gather around their screens this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, we can't help but notice the glaring hypocrisy of corporate giants who spend exorbitant amounts on flashy TV ads while neglecting their responsibility to pay their employees a fair and livable wage.

    This corporate greed is unacceptable, and it's time to take a stand against it. That's why Move to Amend is calling out this hypocrisy and urging you to join us in supporting HJR 54, the We the People Amendment, as a crucial step towards ending this cycle of injustice.

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  • published February 2024 Newletter in Announcements 2024-02-07 12:50:23 -0800

  • Affiliate Spotlight - February 2024

    In the vast landscape of grassroots activism, two Move to Amend affiliates stand out for their unique initiatives, each making waves in their own distinctive way. Welcome to this month's Affiliate Spotlight, where we dive into the creative endeavors of the Greater Dayton Move to Amend and the strategic movements of the Santa Clara County Move to Amend affiliates.


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