ACTION ALERT: Ask Your Legislator to Speak Up for the We the People Act!

October 12, 2017

This Thursday, Oct. 12, the Joint Committee on Election Laws in the Massachusetts legislature is holding a Hearing on the We the People Act (S. 379) -- a proposed bill calling Congress to propose an amendment to the US Constitution that unequivocally states:

  1. the rights protected by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons; i.e., human individuals, only and

  2. Congress and the states shall place limits on political contributions and expenditures, and the spending of money to influence elections is not protected free speech under the First Amendment.

This binding legislation would not only put Massachusetts on record as formally petitioning Congress to propose the 28th Amendment, but would add tremendous pressure to Congress by formally petitioning for an Article V Convention if no action is taken within 6 months of its adoption

Move to Amend endorses the We The People Act and is partnering with We The People Massachusets to support its passage. This will be a critical step towards the passage in Congress of House Joint Resolution 48, the We the People Amendment--the only proposed amendment in Congress that makes clear corporations are not people, money is not speech, and leaves for NO loopholes

We're calling on all our supporters in Massachusetts to please ask your legislators to write to the Committee Chairs to express their strong support for this bill.

Click here to contact your State Representative! 

Click here to contact your State Senator!

The House and Senate Chairs of the Election Laws Committee need to know that there is broad support for this bill. Even if your legislators are already a co-sponsor, they need to speak up directly to the Chairpersons!

The Public Hearing on the We the People Act, will be held on:

Thursday, October 12, 2017, 2-5PM 
State House Hearing Room B1

If you're able to attend in-person, please contact Leo Immonen at: LImmonen [at] (subject: I%20plan%20to%20attend%20Thursday%27s%20hearing%20on%20the%20We%20the%20People%20Act) ((link sends e-mail))

If you are not able to attend the hearing, you can still do something:

Click here to contact your State Representative! 

Click here to contact your State Senator!

Encourage them both to write to the Co-Chairs of the Joint Committee on Election Laws in support of the We the People Act TODAY!