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    14th Amendment interpretation

    It’s rare that any Constitutional Amendment receives “15 minutes of fame” in the news other than the First and Second Amendments.

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  • What we’ve accomplished…because of you!

    Together, we have achieved remarkable progress, but our journey is far from over!

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  • Help stop corporations from preempting local democracy

    Question: What do the following realities have in common: raising the minimum wage, protecting worker safety, controlling money in politics, preventing fracking, regulating guns, providing paid leave, providing municipal broadband, outlawing loan sharking, rent controls, increasing business taxes, and even banning the use of plastic bags?'

    The answer is, of course, preemption – the overturning of local laws by either a state legislature or federal court. Local laws intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of local residents and communities – whether enacted by local elected officials or citizen-driven ballot initiatives – are invalidated. 

    Hundreds of these and other laws across the country are being challenged across the country. 

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  • It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!

    It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!

    We need strong senators, and we have long-time supporters in the running!

    Representatives Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee and Katie Porter from California districts are running to succeed Dianne Feinstein who will be retiring from the Senate.

    All three have been co-sponsors of the We the People Amendment!

    This gives us a great opportunity to work on getting the We the People Amendment introduced in the Senate, and we need your help.  

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  • May 4 - Guns & Gavels: Kent State, Haymarket Massacre & Corporate Rule

    Violence comes in many forms: gunfire for sure, but also striking gavels. 

    Thirteen unarmed students were shot, four killed, by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University on this day in 1970 during a peace rally opposing U.S. expansion of the Vietnam war into Cambodia. It marked the first time students were gunned down at an anti-war event in U.S. history. The massacre sparked organized walkout strikes by roughly 4 million students at colleges, universities and high schools across the nation that had been called on May 1. It resulted in an upsurge in public opposition to the Vietnam war. 

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    Motion to Amend ~ Sign the Petition

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    We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

    Will you sign?

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