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    Mothers Day

    Every day is the right day for honoring and celebrating mothers, as well as the rest of the supportive women in our lives.

    That said, Mother’s Day is yet another example of a social movement being co-opted and corporatized in the US.

    In fact, Americans will spend upwards of $31.7 billion on Mother’s Day this year, an amount which has gone up nearly every year since 2012.

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  • The Issue is Democracy

    The recent Florida bill signed by Governor Ron DeSantis to revoke the special tax status of Disney Corporation for its leaders speaking out against the new “Don’t Say Gay” law is less about DeSantis or Disney than it is about the decline of our “representative democracy.”

    Here are 10 takeaways:

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  • May Day is a Good Day to Call for Abolishing “Corporate Personhood”

    Any day is a good day to work to end corporate constitutional rights (“corporate personhood” for short). 

    But May Day - May 1, this Sunday -  is an especially good day!

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  • 12yrs after the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill. What has changed?

    marked the anniversary of the worst man-made catastrophe in U.S. history. 12-years ago the Deep Water Horizon Platform explosion spewed 234 million gallons of oil throughout the Gulf of Mexico over a period of 87 days, killing at least 11 people. Almost 40,000 additional medical claims were filed by coastal residents, first responders, and cleanup workers seeking compensation from BP for health-related problems as a result of the oil spill and chemical cleanup efforts.

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  • Everything Else is Irrelevant without a Livable World

    More than a half-century after the first Earth Day, the environment is near a tipping point of collapse. All of us must be a part of the solution, which includes, in part, abolishing corporate constitutional rights and big money in elections, but must include much more. 

    Today is Earth Day -- the 52nd Anniversary of what is considered the birth of the modern environmental movement. 

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