4th Anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC

January 21, 2014

Next Tuesday, January 21 is the fourth anniversary of the United States Supreme Court Citizens United vs. FEC decision, a key decision in the expansion of personhood rights for corporations. The decision gave corporations the right to spend unlimited funds on advertising for or against any candidate for office! This decision was a major blow to our democracy, allowing corporations to choose winners and losers.

Coordinated by Move to Amend of Central Ohio, Progress Ohio, Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government, and others, a number of local groups will hold a gathering to rally public support in opposition to this decision.

Citizens United is a symptom of the fundamental problem - not the cause. You can support a constitutional amendment that will eliminate corporate personhood and money as speech - the source of power given to corporations by previous Supreme Court decisions.

11:00 – In Progress Ohio offices: 172 E. State St., Ste. 600, Columbus, OH 432115 - Introductions
11:30 – On line live webcast with David Cobb (MTA National Spokesperson, and 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate)
12:00 – March to West Side of State House, passing several businesses with signs and chanting.
12:30 – “Open Mike” on West sidewalk of State House. Invited speakers plus - you speak out!
1:15 – return to Progress Ohio - for “Hot Chocolate”, to view new 30’ MTA “Legalize Democracy” DVD, additional presentations, and discussions regarding further collaboration and activities.
Join us to tell Columbus and our legislators that democracy is for "We the People". Bring signs and your voice to let everyone know our nation is on the wrong path - but that we can steer it towards solutions!

Move to Amend is a national non-partisan, grassroots, organization promoting a U.S. constitutional amendment to firmly establish that corporations are not people and money is not speech.