2018: The Year You Saved Move to Amend

December 10, 2018

Wow! Folks like you made so many important things happen for Move to Amend this year! Your support helped democracy move forward and Move to Amend get closer to our goal of ending corporate rule. THANK YOU!

This past year saw a continuation of our “goal shattering” pace in the House of Representatives for a second year in a row -- our goal was 45 co-sponsors when we started the year and we made gains so fast we had to up our goal to 60. Then we surpassed that, making it to 66 co-sponsors as I write this today! 

2018 is almost over but we are so confident that with your continued help and support, we will get even more co-sponsors in 2019. So we raised our goal even higher: 75 co-sponsors in the House! 

And, thanks to all the work done by our awesome supporters like you, for the very first time ever,we have a verbal agreement from a SENATOR that they will introduce the We the People Amendment to the Senate floor! This is HUGE!!

But wait… Even though the growth of co-sponsors would be enough to keep a normal organization busy for a whole year, because of your work and support there are even more successes because you make us so much more effective than normal -- you make us spectacular!…

Our volunteer leaders worked thousands of unpaid hours to get candidates in the midterm election to Pledge to Amend. Thanks to them, we received nearly 250 candidate pledges, including the newly elected superstar Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), who signed the Pledge and has given us her commitment that she will work with her colleagues to further advance support for the We the People Amendment in 2019!

And for the first time we got some Senators to Pledge to Amend as well  -- two incumbents, plus two newly elected folks. This means we are that much closer to our goal of getting the We the People Amendment introduced in the Senate next year!

Along with working on the Pledge to Amend campaign, our volunteer affiliate groups grew bigger and stronger this year...

Four new affiliates formed in 2018 -- Boise, IDAlbuquerque, NMAkron, OHTampa, FL. And four affiliates will complete our Movement Education Program by the end of the year and take their local organizing to a higher level -- Missoula, MTFresno, CAMinneapolis, MNCleveland, OH.

You also helped us bring Move to Amend’s message all across the country. 

Thanks to you our barnstorming speaking tours visited 63 cities this year! We traveled to small towns and big cities to speak about the importance of ending corporate rule and passing the We the People Amendment in FL, AL, TN, TX, AZ, OH, KY, MT, ID, CT, RI, IL, IA, MN, MO, KS, IN. Many cities in these states are working toward starting new affiliates, so we are looking forward to seeing the fruits of these seeds that were planted as we head into 2019!

In June, volunteer leaders from all over the country gathered in Washington, DC for four days of intense learning and camaraderie at our second ever National Leadership Summit.

From organizing skills trainings, to discussions about the implications of an Article V Convention, to visioning ways to democratize the Constitution even beyond the We the People Amendment, our volunteer leaders experienced great personal and professional development at the Summit. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can watch some of the sessions here! (Also stay tuned, before the end of the year we'll be opening registration for the 2019 Summit which will be June 21-24 next year.)

And we are Move to Amend, after all, and we have to make sure that we take ACTION while at the capital...

Our 2018 National Lobby Day, was a huge success -- Move to Amend supporters flooded the halls of Congress to promote the We the People Amendment and secure their representatives’ support.This effort resulted in us meeting our goal for the year before July, upping our goal, and surpassing that increase by December with 66 members of the House signing on to House Joint Resolution 48!

High Drama Mid Year -- We Almost Didn't Make It

With movement resources going to defending communities from Trump's neverending attacks, Move to Amend saw a slow down in donations last year and we found ourselves in a precarious financial position in April. For a shaky moment we weren’t sure if we would make it. We were so worried that our work would end and we would let you down due to a budget short fall.

But guess what? As always, YOU CAME THROUGH! We launched our May Day Campaign on May 1 and by May 31, we had reached our goal of raising $150,000 to make up the shortfall and to keep the work going strong. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN! 

We learned invaluable lessons this year and have made some fundraising adjustments to help ensure Move to Amend is here for the long haul to see through to the passage of the We the People Amendment. Your continued generosity and passion for democracy will help Move to Amend keep going and for that, I thank you, and future generations will too!

Which brings me to what I am most proud of -- the people of Move to Amend

Move to Amend is a coalition of folks like you, whose passion and commitment to democracy and freedom is unmeasurable. Our volunteer affiliate leaders, monthly sustainer members, single-time donors, advocates, and the national team, form a group of people who work countless hours for what is right, regardless of how many hurdles are in the way. 

Our collective resilience is the reason we know that the We the People Amendment will pass, ending corporate ruling and creating a democracy in the United States that is true and accessible to all. 

Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for standing tall against the corporate giants and power holders who loom large and would like to make us disappear. We are not going anywhere, and we know that neither will you.

Together, we will win this battle because, together… We are unstoppable!

In solidarity,
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director, Move to Amend

P.S. The year is almost over but we aren't slowing the pace, not even a little. Stay tuned for a super exciting announcement coming later this week!